Compassionate Companion



He is Atomic, Gigantic. Thin, Lightweight, Oversized and Heavy, Having all contrasting           attributes-making him Incomprehensible with human faculties. He Possesses three               qualities of Sattva (for creation), Rajas (for protection), and Tamas (for dissolution). Yet he is free from all qualities and above them. He is supreme who is supported by none other than by  himself and is naturally superior to all. He is Peerless and Foremost who expands or contracts the Universe( Vamshah) at his will.



PRAGVAMSHOO INDIA,                                    Life Science Research Organization who facilitates for the business of life science- Including Manufacture, Distribute, Import, Export, Food, Nutritional, Natural Extracts, Biological, Medicinal and Medical Services in India. We also facilitate treatment for patients from Abroad. We are nominated health care facilitators in India, to carry on Business for Medical and spiritual Tourism. We focus on providing best specialized yet economical Medical and Indian spiritual treatment practices to our Clients (Yoga / Ayurveda / musical / Dance / Meditation / Naturopathy). ‘Pragvamshoo’ has a Natural Environment centric approach along with compassion, reliability and accountability as the main values.

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