Face Wash Wheaban


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“SICHER” is made from 100% high-quality ingredients to provide the best possible nutrition for everyone who needs them on daily basis. Diseases are part and parcel of our daily life, the pandemic has added to both mental and physical stress. It is proved that a stressed body is low on Immunity and the reverse is also true. “SICHER” is a blend of essential dietary supplements along with chosen herbs to PROTECT and REJUVENATE impaired body. SICHER is designed to provide “Support” in keeping the “Body and Mind” in Good health. SICHER has Immune supporting micronutrients for Immunity. SICHER works by “Reducing Stress” – “Improving Sleep Quality” – Provides Strength to Mind and body.

SICHER ensures Low Stress and High Liveliness
SICHER is absolutely safe for any age and has …….

No Added Flavour
No Added Colour
No Added Sugar
No Sugar
No Additives
No preservatives



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